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04-16-14 : Michael Katakis Lets Fall 'A Thousand Shards of Glass'

Missives from a Parallel World

Who are we, and who might we become? The questions are simple but one would be tempted to presume that the answers are not. Breaking down the barriers of self-defense to re-build a better self-image are tall orders, not to be taken lightly.

And yet, a lightness is what is required here. Having been diagnosed and presented with a cure, we must be willing to admit to the illness in order to pursue the remedy. This is a job best suited for the written word. The proper words can serve as an incantation. After all, we think in language. Reading is a means of re-thinking our world.

'A Thousand Shards of Glass' by Michael Katakis begins with an essay of the same name that sets the tone for much of what follows. Katakis writes with an economic elegance about the rift between America as advertised and America as experienced with the passion and precision of a poet.

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NEW! 04-16-14: Time to Read Ep 156: Michael Katakis 'A Thousand Shards of Glass'
04-16-14: A 2014 Interview with Michael Katakis

Photo by Ralph Elliott Starkweather.
"..we haven't lived up to what people's illusions and dreams are..." —Michael Katakis

I've done many a tough interview; some were difficult because they required a great deal of specific knowledge gleaned from the reading, some because the reading was emotional and the knowledge was abstract. Sitting down to talk to Michael Katakis about 'A Thousand Shards of Glass' put me in the room where the last interview I had done had included his late wife, Dr. Kris Hardin.

04-02-14: A 2014 Interview with David Rich

" much is known so quickly..." —David Rich

I think listeners and readers will get a sense just how much fun David Rich's 'Middle Man' is as they listen to our conversation. I have not had so much fun, or been so relaxed in quite some time. And let me acknowledge this right now; David Rich is to be credited with re-casting my "Time to Read" mini-interviews as "the lightning round," which says quite a bit about his wit and his intelligence.

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