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Interview: Erik Larson’s Fresh Eyes on a ‘Dead Wake’
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04-21-15 : Kazuo Ishiguro Unearths 'The Buried Giant'

The Mist of Myth and Memory

We meet ourselves.

"You," Kazuo Ishiguro writes in the opening of his latest novel, 'The Buried Giant,' "would have searched long time for the sort of winding lane or tranquil meadow for which England later became celebrated." You — the reader — will quickly twig to the fact that there is a teller of this story. Someone may be remembering their life; perhaps you.

Memory is much in the mind of our storyteller in 'The Buried Giant,' or the lack thereof.

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Erik Larson
Dead Wake
Non-fiction maritime thriller

Reviewed by
Rick Kleffel

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NEW!!! 04-21-15: Time to Read Episode 202: Kazuo Ishiguro : The Buried Giant
04-21-15: A 2015 Interview with Kazuo Ishiguro

".... by the time I was writing this novel, the lines between what was fantasy and what was real had blurred for me..."
— Kazuo Ishiguro

It had been ten years since I last spoke with Kazuo Ishiguro, about his novel 'Never Let Me Go.' I was happily surprised to see that his new novel, 'The Buried Giant,' was also using elements of the fantastic. In this case he was employing the tropes of fantasy — more Greek myth than Celtic, in spite of the post-Arthurian setting.
04-17-15: A 2015 Interview with Erik Larson

"...said to have been found in the arms of a dead German sailor..."
— Erik Larson

Erik Larson admitted that he was a bit nervous at the prospect of writing about the sinking of the Lusitania for his latest book, 'Dead Wake.' It's a well-known incident, though I have to say that "sinking of the Lusitania" probably summarized the extent of what I knew about it before reading the book.
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