Award Categories


The Out-of-Towner Award: An award given to an outsider because they're an outsider.

The Local Boy Makes Good Award:
An award given because the recipient lives in the vicinity of the location where the awards are being given.

The Good Old Boy Award: An award given to an insider because they're an insider.

The "You'll never work in this town again" Award: An award not given to an unliked but deserving artist.

The "Blinkered Judge" Prizewinner: A recipient who keeps winning awards year after year, so often that the judges don't seem to be looking at other candidates.

Old-Timer Awards: Given to undistinguished writers who've survived for a while but not gotten round to winning anything.

Consolation Prize Awards: Specially created awards given to compensate because a work deserved to win no particular award.

The Oh Shit Award:
Given to distinguished works long overlooked by people who should know better. Often awarded posthumously.

The “Shock and Awe” Award:
An award so misguided, ill chosen or outright ludicrous that all who hear of it, including the recipient, are blown away. Often causes outraged letters to the editors of literary publications.

The Who Knew, Who Cared Award: An award issued for a category so miniscule, trivial, or inconsequential that no one ever heard of it – or cared. These award winners at least have something to send to their mothers to prove they’re employed.

The Piltdown Prize: Any award given to a recipient later revealed to be a plagiarist, imposter, con artist or criminal. Also known as The Pulitzer Plague and the WMD Derby Award.