2003 International Horror Guild Fiction/Short Fiction Awards

Winners in Red


  Novel A Winter Haunting   Dan Simmons
The Darkest part of the Woods   Ramsey Campbell
The Hour Before Dark   Douglas Clegg
The Killing Kind   John Connolly
Fitcher's Brides   Gregory Frost
From a Buick 8   Stephen King
First Novel A Scattering of Jades   Alexander Irvine
The Fallen   Dale Bailey
The Blues Ain't Nothin'   Tina Jens
The Horned Man   James Lasdun
The Snowman's Children   Glen Hirschberg
Long Form My Work Is Not Yet Done   Thomas Ligotti
Breathing in Faces   Peter Crowther
Coraline   Neil Gaiman
El Dia De Los Muertos   Brian Hopkins
Mr. Gaunt   John Langan
Intermediate Form Death and Suffrage   Dale Bailey
Pavane for a Prince of the Air   Elizabeth Hand
Nesting Instincts   Brian Hodge
A Drug on the Market   Kim Newman
The Essayist in the Wilderness   William Browning Spencer
Short Form Prospect Cards   Don Tumasonis
The Road of Pins   Caitlin Kiernan
Details   China Mieville
Night Falls, Again   Michael Marshall Smith
The Sundowners   Chet Williamson