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10-30-14 : Brian J. Showers Opens 'the Green Book: Issue 4'

200 Years of LeFanu

Celebrating the bicentennial of J. S. LeFanu in style, 'The Green Book' Issue four is another wonderful exploration of a weird little corner of literature, and a great example of how careful editing can make even the most obscure subject fascinating and entertaining beyond all expectations.

Showers stated goal is right there in the title; and even if you think, well, that's a little specialized for me, you might find yourself very pleasantly surprised.

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Dreams of Shadow and Smoke: Stories for J. S. Le Fanu
Jim Rockhill and Brian J. Showers

New storie of the fantstic for an old master.

Reviewed by
Rick Kleffel

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Last Stories and Other Stories
William T. Vollmann
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Gutenberg's Apprentice
Alix Christie
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So We Read On: How The Great Gatsby Came to Be and Why It Endures
Maureen Corrigan
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Rick Kleffel

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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes, The Adventure of the Red Circle

NEW! 10-30-14: Time to Read Episode 181: Paolo Bacigalupi, 'The Doubt Factory'

10-27-14: A 2014 Interview with Brian J. Showers

"I have a lot reference materials on my desk..." —Brian J. Showers

By all means, run, don’t walk and buy everything that Brian J. Showers touches. He's re-issued 'Old Albert: An Epilogue' and recently released 'Dreams of Smoke and Shadow,' an anthology of stories (co-edited with Jim Rockhill) dedicated to and inspired by J. S. LeFanu. He runs The Swan River Press, an outstanding publishing company with a spotless record of great material. And he edits a great weird journal, 'The Green Book,' with Issue 4 out now.
10-20-14: A 2014 Interview with William T. Vollmann

"...that's the choice we make with death..." —William T. Vollmann

I had about 40 pounds of thick, award-winning books with me when I went to speak to William T. Vollmann. I must admit to being nervous. He was a man who pulled prestigious honors from the air, and I was here to talk to him about 'Last Stories and Other Stories,' a collection of work that could only be described as macabre fiction.
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