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05-23-15 : John Waters Gets 'Carsick'

Going His Way

From the first sentence on, John Waters shares his excitement as well as the pitch for 'Carsick.' You know it well before reading this review. At the age of 66, John Waters decided he would hitchhike from his doorstep in Baltimore to his doorstep in San Francisco, and share his adventures with readers. That alone is reason enopugh to makie this book worth reading.

There's more than a bit of non-fiction. Before he tells us what really happened on his journey, Waters offers us two fictional versions; a best-case scenario and a worst-case scenario. Some readers may have trouble distinguishing between the two, though both are markedly different from reality.

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NEW!!! 05-23-15: Time to Read Episode 205: John Waters : Carsick
05-23-15: A 2015 Interview with John Waters

" change how you would be in real life...”
— John Waters

So yes, John Waters is pretty much exactly the fellow I'd hoped him to be.

As we sit down to talk about 'Carsick,' he seems fresh, engaged and ready to go. I'm guessing that I'm about the 3,000th person to speak with him about the book, but he's so charming and such a great speaker that I forget any of that and find myself very much in the here-and-now of KUSP's giant conference room, where we are settled down to chat.

05-09-15: A 2015 Interview with Jeffrey A. Lieberman, MD

"..its influence to be as hegemonic as it was..."
— Jeffrey A. Lieberman, MD

Jeffrey Lieberman, MD was relaxed and enthusiastic when we sat down to talk about this book 'Shrinks' at KQED. He was joined by his wonderful wife Rosemarie, who was acting as his (very effective) publicist. Every writer should be so lucky. But of course luck is there for the prepared mind, and few minds are as prepared as Dr. Lieberman's. It was a joy to sit and talk about one of my favorite my books this year.
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