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12/30/02-01/05/03:Living in the past, rummaging about the remainder bin and Dr. Brilliant's guide to the smallpox vaccine. The Apocalype Door and th Darwin Awards. Magazine Mania - Fortean Times, Cemetery Dance and Locus.


12/23/02-12/29/02:Neal Asher's Tor cover, new Simon R. Green, the wife & Jan read Charlaine Harris.


12/16/02-12/17/02:The Mournful Absence of Mickey Spillane-style Paperback Book Covers for P. N. Elrod Books, New Ursula K. Leguinn. Terry Pratchett BBC Radio shows, Neal Asher news, Charlaine Harris Wins Anthony prize + new novel.


12/09/02-12/15/02:JK Potter collection, Thomas Ligotti, fantasy and SF from PS Publishing, more recent SF releases from the UK, Horror Books in Bad Times, PS Publishing Announces New Powers and Etichison, It Can't Happen Here, Book Posters for the New War, Timothy Ferris on the NYT Ten Best, Jerry Brown's not talking about a toilet.