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12/29/03-01/04/04 Andy Goldsworthy is worthy of your Time...and Money. Remainder table alert, Evelin Sullivan A Concise History of Lying. David Denby is an American Sucker. T. E. D. Klein Then & Now; From Dark Gods to Untitled Collection. Scoping the alternatives; Strange Horizons on Genre Awards and Emerald City reaches 100.

12/22/03-12/28/03 Sexy Psychics Say Do the World A Favor: From the latest Issues of Fortean Times & Crimewave. Awwww, A Heartwarming Tale of Christmas Terror from Christopher Moore. The Stupidest Angel Chapter One One-Week Preview. An Actual History of the Imaginary History of Infamy, Rhys Hughes Gets Borgesian. New work from Gene Wolfe and Minette Walters. Three of a Perfect Pair; Two Barker books of stageplays, two of Moorcock's Modern Elric of Melnibone, and two singletons, Jack Womack's 'Heathern' and a Mervyn Peake bio.

12/15/03-12/21/03 A Prime Tyrant: Michael Cisco's New Novel from Prime Books. Come What May, Heirs of Earth, Your Cheese is MINE! Julian May Conquers Again and Sean Williams & Shane Dix offer a Blowed-up Earth. Corbett's NYT Notable Novel, Shirley Expands Hell on Earth, Simon & Pelecanos Walk 'The Wire'.

12/08/03-12/14/03 Prolific Greens and Custer's Next Stand. Lethem Makes NYT List: The Fortress of Solitude is selected Editor's Choice of 2003 by the New York Times. Pelevin, Wells & Roth: Biting Satire from Talking Mosquitoes, the Reading Habits of 12 Year-Old Kingsley Amis, Philip Roth's Lost Satire and Indecisive Book-Buyers. McMillan, Truluck, Pelecanos & Phillips:Prizes, Prequels, and Paste-Ups. Misanthropic Delights, From Abandoned Places to the Boneyard.

12/01/03-12/07/03 John Shirley Interview, Philip Reeve Evolves. Pelecanos Signing and Remainder Table Alert, FT177, Lambshead First Printing Nearly Gone. The Etchings of KJ Bishop. Richard Morgan's Brutal Mainstream and DBC Pierre's Vernon God Little. A Visit to Victorville's Book Exchange and How to Keep Dinosaurs, 21 Years Later.

11/24/03-11/30/03 Checkbook Alert! Sub Press releases Graham Joyce, Lucius Shepard, James Blaylock and Tim Powers. A Beautiful Uglytown, Rumpole and the Primrose Path, Steph Swainston's Year of Our War proofs, A.R.R.R. Roberts Cashes In Again.

11/17/03-11/23/03 MIT Press Features Genre Fiction, Leaves Trails of Its Own. Wetting the pseuds with more Asher action. Underneath the Cowl -- Neal Asher's violent streak continues. Bring dynamite and a crane...Andrew Klavan says the words 'Dynamite Road'. Victor Thorn Draws Blood & PS Publishing Sends in Motherlode. Stop me before I buy again; Gerald Vizenor's Hiroshima Bugi: Atomu 57,Alice Thompson's Pharos, and The Smoky God by Willis George Emerson get their share of attention on a Sunday stroll. Ian McDowell's CD Illo.

11/10/03-11/16/03 Charlie Stross is Toast and Jim Knipfel is learning a new language. [Remainder table Alert!] Huge batch of wonderful, fascinating books; Amy Thomson, Philip Pullman, John Shirley, Rachel Caine, Steven Eliot Altman, Steph Swainston, Mike Resnick and more! Harold Bloom vs Stephen King in PW website essay. 30 years of Fortean Times and 15 of Cemetery Dance.

11/03/03-11/09/03 New Books from PS Publishing, New Radio Version of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Novels.

10/27/03-11/02/03 Hope sinks eternal: Gardens of the Moon from Tor, June 2004 Publication Date for Steve Erikson. Jack Yeovil Pulls Silver Nails, Literary Spam. Remainder Alert: Terry Pratchett: The Truth on the Cheap. The Revenge of the Angry Penguins Peter Carey's 'My Life as a Fake', Stanislaw Lem's Prediction Brought to Life by DK, Neil Gaiman's Hardcover Graphic Novel and the dark men and women behind the masks.

10/20/03-10/26/03 Joel Lane update, from The Earth Wire to The Blue Mask, Terry Jones asks Who Murdered Chaucer?, MIT Discovers Radiant Cool.

10/13/03-10/19/03 Gregory Maguire Poisons Snow White, New Work From Simon R. Green, Jack McDevitt, Katherine Kurtz, Sarah Hoyt, Brenchley Series Finale, Arthur Conan Doyle, BBC Interviews Offer SF Writers. David Czuchlewski Unveils the 'Empire of Light', offers pure Spec-Tech. Everyone's a Winner in the Lambshead Proof Giveaway Contest, Colson Whitehead on The Colossus of New York, Pete Dexter takes the Train.

10/06/03-10/12/03 New Edition of Death to Dust, New Harry Turtledove, New Caitlin R. Kiernan, Time Traveler John Titor, and Wireless Agony for the World. VanderMeer Flashes on The Day that Dali Died, Chistopher Moore Makes it Back East. Robin McKinley Steps into Sunshine, Lambshead Contest Deadline 10/10/03.

09/29/03-10/05/03 Lambshead Proof Contest Giveaway, Bruce Sterling on Tech that Deserves to Die, William C. Dietz, Brenchley & Bergstrom New Releases.

09/22/03-09/28/03 Chip Kidd Cover for Yamada's Strangers, Finding Robert Silverberg. Stewart O'Nan travels 'The Night Country', Stephenson's 'Quicksilver' Delivered. Win & Meredith Blevins Break the Tor Genre Barrier, Judith Tarr's historical fantasy.

09/15/03-09/21/03 Walker Books and John Martineau of Wooden Books bring beautiful illumination for science fiction readers at a reasonable price. MacAdam/Cage Catalogue, Prepping for Ilium, The Machine Crusade.

09/08/03-09/14/03 Fortean Times and Cemetery Dance, Lambshead & Booksense, New Heinlein Novel for November, Book Junk and Spaceship Dimensions.

09/01/03-09/07/03 Back to unreality with a cover scan from Torcon 3.

08/25/03-08/31/03 Greeting from Jay Lake and Frank Wu, P. D. James Enters the Murder Room, Attack of the Tweezerhead Rebellion. Outside the Lines with Chris Simms, Inside the Mortuary with Mary Roach, In Toronto With Torcon 3,Neal Asher website update.

08/18/03-08/24/03 David Corbett Interview Online, The Bukowski Hangover Project, Weird Web Art from the Fortean List. Charles de Lint finds the 'Spirits in the Wires' John Connolly Makes the Journey. Audrey Niffeneggar's Unstuck Romance, Dark, Complex Wolves from McKean & Gaiman, and John Burdett's Snakes on Speed, PKD Dick Book Club Bonanza.

08/11/03-08/17/03 Riptide Press Debut, Turtledove Trade, Anne Perry's Fantasy, Brenchley Book Four, Blurb of the Week, A Tale of Three Publishing Worlds: History->SF, SF<-Harry Potter. Writers of the Future XIX, Ed Bryant OK.

08/04/03-08/10/03 Neal Asher Hardcover, Robert Charles Wilson and Adam Johnson. John Connolly, David Corbett, David Schow, Greg Hurwitz & Chuck Palahniuk Keep You Guessing. Fortean Times Shames the SF Magazines, Locus on Shameless Space Opera, Trotter's Shameless Parody, Bored of the Rings in Hardcover

07/28/03-08/03/03 A Cover For Thackery, King Goes for the Gross-out , no Laughs for EeeeeW.....Graham Hurley & Stephen Baxter. PAM Logo Preservation Society, Classy New Look for James Barclay, Ilium UK, A. R.R.R. Roberts The Soddit! Terry Goodkind unexpurgated one hour interview online!

07/21/03-07/27/03 Douglas Coupland & Dan Simmons Interviews Now Online. Paul McAuley,Mark Chadbourn & Simon Clark Pump Up the Volume for Telos. The Ambient Century, Brenchley V3, Digital Dead. Dennis McMillan's Next Michael Connelly Novel, The Demise of Earthlight, Arthur C. Clarke's new solo novel! Authors Terry Goodkind and Dan Simmons on Tour,Singularity Sky in sight!

07/14/03-07/20/03 New McMillan title from Rick DeMarinis and Chuck Palahniuk's travelogue. Janis Ian SF Anthology and Jasper Fforde's Literary DVD.

07/07/03-07/13/03 Preston & Child Bring on the Cheese & Golden Gryphon Takes the Train Ken Macleod's Reading Recommendations and Tantalizing News, Neal Asher's 'The Engineer' to be re-published by Cosmos, New Comix from Jason Thompson, William Gay Hardcover Close-Out from *.* Loren Coleman and Jerome Clark's classic Cryptozoology Reference still available in hardcover.

06/30/03-07/06/03 1 in a series of 89; Guin Saga appears in US via Vertical-Inc. 'the curious incident of the dog in the night-time' -- Mark Haddon's entry in the children and crime category. Now you too can have a casket coffee table! Joel Achenbach's search for the truth is an alien in the literary landscape.

06/23/03-06/29/03 Block Novel is Evidence in Murder. A long strange trip with Douglas Coupland. Graham Joyce's 'The Facts of Life' now available in the US. More Moore, Non-Net Signing, Garland of Awards.

06/16/03-06/22/03 The Real Felaheen. Terry Pratchett's newest and The Welcome Return of Peter Octavian, a Brisk Release Pace for Chaz Brenchley thankyouverymuch and the friendship of John Connolly and Paul Johnston. Another Fine Pat Holt Newsletter Moment -- Michael Moorcock on US Censorship. Walter Jon Williams, Anti-Cyberpunk Anthology, SF Mystery by KK Rusch.

06/09/03-06/15/03 'Ring' sequels on the way from Reading Jack Womack, New Neal Stephenson, Which Great Old One are You?

06/02/03-06/08/03 A Bolly Good Time with Thackery & Friends. Christopher Brookmyre News & Reading Selections. Ghost for Sale, in Jar.Catching up with the Latest Magazines, New Bookstore and Ziesing's Latest. Ghost Price reaches $25K. Name Your Poison with D'Ray & Pals. Seeing Red with Bob Truluck.Al Franken Versus Bill O'Reilly at BEA Redux.

05/26/03-06/01/03 Beauteous New Stephen King Editions, The Texas Chainsaw Car Sale. A Closer Look at 'The Price of the Ticket' versus The World's Oldest Book. Exclusive Previews of Coming Attractions, Phil Rickman's Exclusive Preview of Reality.

05/19/03-05/25/03 Talking with Margaret Weis, the 'Spectre' of Stephen Laws. Christopher Moore & Jack Womack, The Institute of Fobonics is Open for Business, New Mystery Book, Sandra Newman, Gear Heads & Your First Robot.

05/12/03-05/18/03 Eric Schlosser Live Webcast cancelled due to writer exhaustion. Adam Roberts & Robert Freeman Wexler PS Novellas. New Titles from Simon R. Green, Alastair Reynolds, Chaz Brenchley and Patricia McKillip. Eric Schlosser Live Webcast 5/16/03 11 AM PDT, New Feature: Suggested Reading by Selected Authors, Cory Doctorow's Next Novel, Ira Sher's Recent Reading Part 2/New 4 Walls 8 Windows Collection.

05/05/03-05/11/03 Ira Sher recommends science fiction from Russia -- Victor Pelevin, W. G. Sebald and a forthcoming collection from 4 Walls 8 Windows! Mea Tulpa: My Multiple Mistakes at Singularity, Amazon Advises, Titillating tales from Tokyo in Mark Schrieber's 'Tokyo Confidential'.

04/28/03-05/04/03 Jasper Fforde's Picture postcard bonanza. Neal Asher vs. Arthur C. Clarke vs. Stanislaw Lem, The "Japanese Stephen King" gets the Chip Kidd treatment, Kitten Hitler.

04/14/03-04/20/03 Rosemary Mahoney's The Singular Pilgrim, Tad Williams The War of the Flowers, John G. Hemry's A Just Determination, Robin McKiney & McPeter Dickinson husband and wife collaboration in Water, Ian R. MacLeod's Alternate history of the Industrialo Magic revolution in 'The Light Ages'and Sookie is back in Club Dead by Charlaine Harris.

04/07/03-04/13/03 Eric Schlosser's Reefer Madness Promo. The Real Death Rat and Mike Nelson's Death Rat. Lost in a Good Book US Release. F. Paul Wilson Movie News. IT, Issues, It's a great Big beautiful tomorrow. Ira Sher introduces The Gentlemen of Space'. The March of Progress, Cities of Gollancz, The Dilemma of Wilson's Sims, How Did I Miss This #39?

03/31/03-04/06/03 Checking Up on Madison Priest, Jim Knipfel gets the Chip Kidd Treatment, Richard Morgan Deserves the Chip Kidd Treatment, Alan Deutschman on Wine Wars in California, Sub Slips in a Chapbook, New Locus & CD.

03/24/03-03/30/03 Covers of two newest PS Publishing works, James Barclay's 'Light Stealer'and Cliff Burns' 'Righteous Blood'. Son't get Left behind! Let Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins show you how to beat the Apocalypse with weekly email updates!

03/17/03-03/23/03 Cthulhu gets a grip on politics. Lots of new books, including Rickman (w/Merrilly Watkins TV adaptation news), John Connoly's next two novels, SHoto Press gorgeous graphic novels, Anne Usru takes a page from 'Tommyknockers', Laurell K. Hamilton's Bleu Cheese, Michael Gruber's cheese slicing 'Tropic of Night'.

03/10/03-03/16/03 Anne Rule Adapted, Adam Roberts' New Look. John Varley, James Blaylock, Eric Schlosser and Kevin Randle.

03/03/03-03/09/03 James Lovegrove's 'Untied Kingdom' rings eerily true. VanderMeer's 'Veniss Underground' Website. Charlie Stross 'Singularity Sky'. THE Crop Circle Conspiracy!!!!!!!!! Palahniuk's Choke Finds a Fan. Carter Scholz interview and audio fiction online.

02/24/03-03/02/03 New Fantasy by Chris Wooding, SF by Jeff Vandermeer. Italo Svevo Translated by William Weaver, Laurie King's latest,'Felaheen' Arrives and 'Absolution Gap' back cover copy -- get ready to rock!

02/17/03-02/23/03 Neal Asher News, Covers for the HPL Comic Books You'll Never See, The Fortean William Gibson. More Covers for the HPL Comic Books You'll Never See from Peter Von Sholly.

02/10/03-02/16/03 Locus Picks a Fight, Lem Picks a Fight,Vandermeer WFC Flyers. Paul McAuley's science fiction becomes yesterday's news. Where Your Flying Car Is #234, More VanderMeer. Custer V Cheyenne Round 3, Horrible Beginnings, Mass Market Vampire Poetry. Erik Larson's 'The Devil in the White City'Sharon Shinn's Angelica, Eric Schlosser's REEFER MADNESS: The Rise of the American Underground.

02/03/03-02/09/03 Proofs for Laurell K. Hamilton's new Anita Blake novel arrive. Vandermeer Anthology update, Carter Scholz blurs science into fiction, and Jonathan Nashaw discovers 'Fear Itself'. IT Issues.Cory Doctorow, Boing Boing, Ken Macleod, IT Issues #2, Borderlands Books Newsletter. Greg Bear on A Planet Caught Between Dreams and Fears.

01/27/03-02/02/03 Slow news week. New Gibson and Lansdale. Shuttle Down, PS Publishing, Tananarive Due, Vandermeer anthology, Anne Rule Newsletter.

01/20/03-01/26/03 Ramsey Campbell Interview online, Scott Nicholson's Haunted Computer. Hardcopy Agony and journalist arrested for interview with a vampire. Arthur C. Clarke awards. Book postcards. Cryptozoological fiction. Lighting the nuclear fires under Project Orion. Legends Storyteller magazine.

01/13/03-01/19/03 More column comments new S. M. Stirling, new edition of Patrick Harpur's 'Daimonic Reality', CD Sale. Buying what the readers suggest, End of a series, signing at Legends.

01/06/03-01/12/03 Scheduling and comments on travelling to Spookycon. Free hours of Pullman RealAudio. Graham Joyce, Mark Ziesing catalogue. More 'Shores of Space..'Tor UK titles. Spookycon Day one. Ramsey Campbell. Simon Clark.