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12/25/06-12/31/06 S. Beth Atkin Tells 'Gunstories' : 'Life-Changing Experiences With Guns'. Kealan Patrick Burke Trades In the 'Currency of Souls': Horrors Never Cease. Sergei Lukyanenko Transfers from 'The Night Watch' to 'The Day Watch' : Catching Up On Russian Literature. Arthur Phillips Turns ­ And Taps ­ the Tables in 'Angelica' : Beyond the Spiritualist's Perspective. John Shirley Dives Into 'The Other End' : Have yourself A Merry Little Apocalypse.
12/18/06-12/24/06 A 2006 Interview with Anne and Todd McCaffrey : Christmas Comes Early. Simon R. Green Knows That There Is 'Hell to Pay' : (And not just for copping a Pelecanos title). Stephen Baxter is 'Emperor': No Escape from the Roman Empire. Levels and Bevels: A Review of Neal Asher's 'Polity Agent'. Lies, Damn Lies and Therapy : A 2006 Interview with Heidi Julavits. Rudy Rucker Giveaway : And a Happy New Year.
12/11/06-12/17/06 Ride the Crimewave: Transgressions: Crimewave Nine. Unsafety in Numbers: Stross & Rucker Add Up to Excellence. Re-Reading Richard Ford's 'The Sportswriter' , A New Book Review: The Same River. The Well-Built World: A Review of Erik Larson's 'Thunderstruck'. Deep Genre: A 2006 Interview With Melanie Rawn and Kate Elliott, Part 2; Incoming: Contest Winners Books in the Mail.
12/04/06-12/10/06 Ambiguity, Anxiety and Abyss: A Review of 'The Uses of Enchantment' by Heidi Julavits. Murky Math Underlies Reality : A Review of 'The Artist and the Mathematician' by Amir Aczel. Simple Stories and Complex Lies: A Review of Jennifer Egan's 'The Keep'; Even Faster Forward 2.0; 'Fast Forward 1' Edited by Lou Anders, Vernor Vinge 'The Witling, Charlie Huston 'No Dominion', Mary Rosenblum 'Horizons'. A Glance at the Future's Past: 'Finn' by Jon Clinch and 'The Somnambulist' by Jonathan Barnes. Idea Soup: A 2006 Interview With Kate Elliott and Melanie Rawn, Part 1.
11/27/06-12/03/06 Evolution and Revolution: A Review of Mark Z. Danielewski's 'Only Revolutions'. Shuffled, or Remixing Jeff VanderMeer : A Review of Jeff VanderMeer's 'Shriek: An Afterword'. Orchestral Emotions: A Review of Naomi Novik's 'His Majesty's Dragon'; Way, Way Off the Rack: Fortean Times 217, MAKE:08, Fantasy Fall 2006. A Review of Mark Z. Danielewski's 'House of Leaves: The Remastered Full-Color Edition' : No Ambivalence, Just Fanalysis. Teacher Man: Kathryn Petruccelli Interviews Frank McCourt.
11/20/06-11/26/06 Elastic Press Gets 'Extended Play' Edited by Gary Couzens: Mario Guslandi Saves Your Day and Mine. Meeting Your Youth and Why I Assign Genres: A Review of Keith Donohue's 'The Stolen Child'. Better Late With 'Three Days to Never' Than Never: A Review of Tim Powers' 'Three Days to Never'; 'Blood and Thunder: The Life and Art of Robert E. Howard' by Mark Finn; Howard the Cimmerian. Catching up on Reviews: TC Boyle's 'Talk Talk'. The Lay of the Land : A 2006 Interview With Richard Ford.
11/13/06-11/19/06 Jonathan and Faye Kellerman Commit 'Capital Crimes' : A Book Worth Opening Up. Adam Roberts Uncovers 'The Wonga Coup': Life Imitates a 1970's Thriller. Alan Dean Foster Gets a Room in 'Sagramanda' : India of the Future. A Few Fine Catalogues : Mark V. Ziesing, Ken Lopez and Sawtooth Books Make Offers You Cannot Refuse. Non-Fiction Steampunk: A 2006 Interview with Erik Larson.
11/06/06-11/12/06 'You're Not Fooling Anyone When You Take Your Laptop to a Coffee Shop': Scalzi on Writing. Kitchens, Sections and Symmetry from Wooden Books: Delivering Precision. Matthew Hughes' 'Majestrum' : The More Things Change. An Interview With Melissa Fay Greene: "Why don't you write FICTION???" Jenn Ramage Interviews Kate Atkinson: 'One Good Turn'.
10/30/06-11/05/06 Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson's Menagerie: 'Altruistic Armadillos, Zenlike Zebras'. David Hewson's 'The Lizard's Bite' : A Violent Vacation. Brad Meltzer Opens 'The Book of Fate' and David Baldacci Books 'The Collector': Bibliophilic American Cheese. I Am What I Am Not: The James Tiptree Award Anthology 3; Jon Courtney Grimwood 'End of the World Blues' Reviewed. A 2006 Interview with Mark A. Danielewski: Turning the Literary World Upside-Down : Mark Z. Danielewski Drags the Novel and the Book Itself Kicking and Screaming Into the 21st Century. Podcast of RDR NPR.
10/23/06-10/29/06 Barry Unsworth Plucks 'The Ruby in Her Navel' : Today's News, 900 Years Ago. Split Personality 101: Harry Shearer Vs. Sean Williams. American Empire: Norman Mailer, Thomas Pynchon and Richard Ford Lead the Literary Conquest. Daniel Kehlmann is 'Measuring the World' : One Size Fits All. Scott Smith's Personal Tour of 'The Ruins' : Movies, Spoilers, You Name It.
10/16/06-10/22/06 NPR Link for Rolling Darkness Revue Story. All Hail RDR! Rolling Darkness Revue Coming to Town and Weekend Edition Sunday. Guy Gavriel Kay Discovers 'Ysabel': From Fantasy to Slipstream. Eric Larsen is 'Thunderstruck': Marconi, Murder and Magic Science. Merrily Watkins Seeks 'The Remains of an Altar' : Phil Rickman Returns. Peter Crowther Celebrates 50 Years of 'Forbidden Planets': A Mass Market Paperback Must-Buy. An Interview With Amir D. Aczel: The Bourbaki New Math Hoax Exposed!
10/09/06-10/15/06 Cherie Priest Gets 'Wings to the Kingdom' : Eden Moore, Southern Gothic, Reading and Buying. Heidi Julavits Knows 'The Uses of Enchantment': The Teller, the Tale and the Tail-Spin. China Miéville Digs 'Un Lun Dun' : A Glimpse of the Future. Join Cormac McCarthy on 'The Road' : A Lot of Writing Goes a Long Way. Unlocking the Depths of 'The Keep': A 2006 Interview With Jennifer Egan.
10/02/06-10/08/06 Kate Elliott and Melanie Rawn Blog the West: 'Spirit Gate' and 'Spellbinder' Meet 'Monster Nation' for a Bite to Eat. William Hjortsberg is Falling Again : 'Falling Angel' Re-Issue Plus Ramsey Campbell Bonus. Getting the Cover Story: A Conversation With Cover Artist John Picacio. A Double Dose of Asher from Both Sides of the Pond : 'Brass Man' and 'Polity Agent'. Stand in Ambergris : A 2006 Interview With Jeff VanderMeer.
09/25/06-09/31/06 Melissa Faye Greene Knows 'There is No Me Without You' : Can One Woman Save 10,000 Children? My Life in the Bush of Books, part er, Six?: An Independent Press Roundup. Alastair Reynolds' 'Zima Blue' : Human Remains. Forging a Second Identity: Michael Norman's 'Haunted Homeland' and Jeff Meldrum's 'Sasquatch'. Genre Ducking: A 2006 Interview with Charles Stross.
09/18/06-09/24/06 Wangari Maathai is 'Unbowed' : Fighting for Peace. Agonizing the Coffee Table Part 2 and Dream-Eating Follow Up: 5 AM and Freezing Fingers. Comes Steam-Engine-Time: Gordon Dahlquist Opens Up 'The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters'. Set the Controls on Auto-Buy: Tim Powers' 'A Soul in a Bottle'. Shortly Before Dragons Conquered the World: A 2006 Interview With Naomi Novik.
09/11/06-09/17/06 Roland Topor Visits 'The Tenant': Classic Re-issue from Millipede With Ligotti. Turn up the 'Static': A Print Interview With Amy Goodman. Conan', 'Monsters', 'Star Trek Star Fleet Technical Manual' : Agonizing the Coffee Table. James Herbert Discovers 'The Secret of Crickley Hall': Getting Back to the Ghosts. A 2006 Interview With David Edelman : Preparing for the 'InfoQuake'.
09/04/06-09/10/06 Math Fashions: Amir D. Aczel's 'The Artist and the Mathematician' and 'Siobhan Roberts''King of Infinite Space'. Margaret Atwood Explores Her Own 'Moral Disorder' : SF&F's Favorite Troublemaker Back At It. Say Yes to Aio Publishing : All-In-One, Asynchronus I/O for the Speculative Fiction Reader. Charlie Huston is 'A Dangerous Man' : Effortless Reading for Labor Day. Pulling the Wings From Disney's Fairies : A 2006 Interview With Keith Donohue.
08/28/06-09/03/06 Keeping the Purple Pages Alive : The Jack Vance Treasury. The Oxford Connection : Matthew Skelton and Mark Haddon. A Momentary Note on the Road : Vernor Vinge and Kim Stanley Robinson Sequel News. WorldCon 2006 Wrap-Up: Audio Podcast and Harlan Ellison Rant-O-Rama.
08/21/06-08/27/06 Then I­Not : No Adventures Guaranteed. Arrivals, Interviews, and One Panel : Yet Another Worldcon. WorldCon Field Trip : Experiments in "Blogging" and "Podcasting". A 2006 Interview with T. C. Boyle : Balance and Flow.
08/14/06-08/20/06 Reprinting Your Way to Glory : Frederic Brown, Jeffrey Ford, Mark Z. Danielewski and Simon R. Green. Christopher Fowler Ascends the 'Ten Second Staircase' : True First Alert. Ken Kalfus Monitors 'A Disorder Peculiar to the Country' : Bitter Is as Bitter Does. Blazing Hell With Denise Mina: Tartan Noir and Graphic Glasgow. A 2003 and 2006 Conversation with Cory Doctorow: Singularities Real and Imagined.
08/07/06-08/13/06 S. M. Stirling Brings 'The Sky People' to Earth­and Venus­and Mars ; The $64 Kilodollar Answer to the Dime-A-Dozen Question. Janna Levin Knows 'A Madman Dreams of Turing Machines' : Science Fiction, Yes, Sci-Fi, Not Really. Justina Robson Unfolds the 'Mappa Mundi' for Pyr : Let me look into your brain. Jennifer Egan Enters 'The Keep': Ride the Wave of Postmodern Horror. A 2006 Conversation With Jenn Ramage and Julia Glass: 'The Whole World Over'.
07/31/06-08/06/06 Walter Moers Unleashes 'Rumo and His Miraculous Adventures' : Why Some Things Work. 'Year's Best Fantasy 6' Edited by David G. Hartwell and Kathryn Cramer : In Case You Think Anything in the Publishing World Makes Sense. Adam Felber Rolls 'Schroedinger's Ball' : Science Fiction Versus Rube Goldberg. John Meaney Wants 'To Hold Infinity' : A Long Time Coming. Hartwell & Cramer Curate 'The Space Opera Renaissance' : Anthologies as Literary Museums; Vernor Vinge Informs Us That 'Rainbows End' : A 2006 Conversation With Vernor Vinge, Part 2.
07/24/06-07/30/06 What Price Fantasy? Six Bucks, 88 Pages. George Pelecanos Pursues 'The Night Gardner' : Planting the Seeds of Revenge. Chris Adrian Floats 'The Children's Hospital': Angels and Seven Miles of Water. Tim Powers is 'Three Days to Never' : "The time is wrong." "If It Comes to Pass" : A 2006 Conversation With Vernor Vinge on The Technological Singularity; Jonathan Lethem Knows 'How We Got Insipid': A Farewell to the Marketplace of Dreams.
07/17/06-07/23/06 Planned Adolescence: Singularity 101 : A Report for NPR Weekend Edition Sunday. We're Still Living in a 'Land of Opportunity': William M. Adler Unleashes the Inner (City) Capitalist in All of Us. All Hail the Catalogue Kings: Hard Copy, Easy Sales. Growing a Garden of Mysteries: Curling Up With Kerley and Iles. TC Boyle Does More Than 'Talk Talk' : Literary Thrills. A 2006 Conversation With Steven Kotler: Wave Theory.
07/10/06-07/16/06 Gary A. Braunbeck Has 'Prodigal Blues': Finishing Up a Week of the Literary Blues. Nina Kiriki Hoffman Finds the 'Catalyst' : The Alien Underground. A Vertical ARC: Suzuki, Kishi, Suzuki. Two Steps Backwards: 'The Collected Stories of Richard Matheson'. Jon Courtenay Grimwood Has 'End of the World Blues': Pity the Publicist; A 2005 Conversation with Jasper Fforde: Fast Rewind.
07/03/06-07/09/06 Michael Carnahan is 'Copping Free': 'Serpent Girl' Sheds Its Skin. Norm Partridge 'Mr. Fox and Other Feral Tales' The Second Time Around : Once More, With Scads of Non-Fiction. Syne Mitchell Introduces 'The Last Mortal Man': Deathless in Venice. Charles Stross Throws Rocks in a 'Glasshouse' : The Invisible Prison. Steven Kotler Surfs 'West of Jesus': Catching Up With the Conductor; A 2004 Conversation with Randall Sullivan: The Miracle Detective.
06/26/06-07/02/06 Joel Shepherd is Looking to 'Crossover': Raiding the Australian Paperback Racks. David B.'s Big Brother is 'Epileptic': Graphic Novel Memoirs. Scott E. Smith Excavates 'The Ruins' : Digging the Appeal of South American Horror. Marianne de Pierres and Parrish Plessis: Coming Down From Orbit. A 2006 Conversation With James P. Othmer: Talking to 'The (real) Futurist' ; Tad Williams is 'Rite': (Relatively) Short Work.
06/19/06-06/25/06 William R. Trotter 'Warrener's Beastie' and Frank Schatzing's 'The Swarm': Dive Into Big Blue Books About the Deep Blue Sea. Susanna Clarke Visits 'The Ladies of Grace Adieu': Comedic Charm and Ageless Harm. Off the Rack: A Look at Interzone, New Genre, and Fortean Times. John Shirley Digs 'Cellars' : What Waits Below. Michel Houellebecq Foresees 'The Possibility of An Island': The Future of Laughter. A 2006 Conversation With David Sirota : Fighting the 'Hostile Takeover'.
06/12/06-06/18/06 Jeff Povey Joins 'The Serial Killers Club': A Bloody Good Time. Scott Westerfeld's 'Peeps' Live For 'The Last Days': Children of the Night. Elizabeth Bear Draws 'Blood and Iron': Hard Fantasy for Hard Times. Marie Jakober's 'Only Call Us Faithful': Union Spies and Genre Ties. A 2006 Conversation With Gary Shteyngart: "We're all living in Absurdistan" ; Diana Wynne Jones Offers 'A Tough Guide to Fantasyland': "No one ever wears SOCKS."
06/05/06-06/11/06 Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child Close 'The Book of the Dead': Getting the Order Right. David Louis Edelman Triggers an 'Infoquake' : Fiscal Richter Scale. A 2006 Conversation with Jenn Ramage and Peter Orner: A Funny Way With a Hard Bloody History. Scott Nicholson Bets 'The Farm': Bloody Harvest in Blue Ridge. Sebastian Faulks Searches for 'Human Traces' : Dueling Alienists; A 2006 Conversation with Kim Newman: "Any kind of horror film that played on television, I watched."
05/29/06-06/04/06 James Carroll Lives in a 'House of War': 'The Pentagon and the Disastrous Rise of American Power'. Robert Mann, 'Forensic Detective': The Happy Halloween Mummy in Color. Sam Enthoven Has a 'Black Tattoo': The London Bookseller Who Sold a Book. James Othmer is Advertising 'The Futurist' : Ripped From the Blurblines. A 2006 Conversation with Koji Suzuki: Edge City.
05/22/06-05/28/06 Youth, Darkness and the Series Anthology: 'Night Visions 12' Edited by Kealan Patrick Burke. Podcast Special Update : Laurie R. King, Morton Marcus and James Houston Discuss "The Mystery of Writing". Omnidawn Rises on 'Paraspheres': Literary, Genre, Fabulist, New Wave Fabulist : Weird Fiction Rules OK! Victor Pelevin Dons 'The Helmet of Horror': The Myths Series from Canongate. A 2006 Conversation With Laurie R. King: A Mystery Fantasy Begins. Carolyn See Knows 'There Will Never be Another You' : The Epidemic Within.
05/15/06-05/21/06 Laurie R. King Detects the Artist of the Year: Live Wires In Santa Cruz. Kim Newman's 'The Man from the Diogenes Club': Richard Jesperson Swings Into Action. Scott Anderson Books a Room at the 'Moonlight Hotel': The Imaginary Nations. Dale Bailey and Jack Slay Jr. Are Wary of 'Sleeping Policemen': Make A Bad Thing Worse The Easy Way! Barth Anderson is 'The Patron Saint of Plagues': Ascension and Domenica ; A 2006 Conversation with Susan Straight and Jenn Ramage: 'A Million Nightingales'.
05/08/06-05/14/06 WHC Reports Number Two and Three, More Horror: The Perfect Pitch Per Pelan, Kim Newman Closes Down the House. Report Number One from WHC: Kim Newman & Jeremy Lassen, Dealers Room. Benjamin Black Visits Christine Falls : The Mystery of the Mystery Writer ; World Horror Convention Note : I'm There For You. Hal Duncan 'Vellum' and Kage Baker 'Mendoza in Hollywood' : Reprints and Reverse Evolution. D. M. Cornish Gets a 'Monster Blood Tattoo' : Hype Me Once... Ben Ehrenreich's 'The Suitors' : Any Resemblance Is Strictly Unreal; A 2006 Conversation With David Mitchell : Secret Architectures,
05/01/06-05/07/06 Brian Hodge is in a 'World of Hurt': Demon est Deus inversus. Gary Shteyngart Visits 'Absurdistan': The Satire of Appeal; Alan Campbell 'Scar Night': The Pit of Perfection. Evan Kuhlman Unmasks 'Wolf Boy': Novel & Graphic Novel. Stephen Woodworth Sees 'Though Violet Eyes': No Contacts Required. T. M. Jenkins' Alarm Call to 'The Waking': Reading Is Brain Surgery; A 2006 Conversation With Harvey Pekar: "What I Write About is Real".
04/24/06-04/30/06 Keith Donohue 'The Stolen Child': The Changeling Genre. Jim Butcher is 'Proven Guilty': Harry Dresden and Splattercon. George Zebrowski Reaches Deep Into 'Black Pockets' While Neal Asher Explores A 'Prador Moon': Z-A of Revolution; James Patrick Kelly and John Kessel Are 'Feeling Very Strange': Swimming in the Slipstream. Philip José Farmer Finds 'Pearls From Peoria': Necklaces and Nooses Kage Baker Brings On 'Dark Mondays': All Travel is Time Travel; A Novel Split: A 2006 Conversation With Colson Whitehead.
04/17/06-04/23/06 David Standish Excavates 'Hollow Earth': The Stories Beneath the Surface. Jon George Is Wearing 'Zootsuit Black': Pawns of the Realm. Lilith Saintcrow is 'Working for the Devil': Hide the Brain Candy. James Morrow Seeks 'The Last Witchfinder': Not Just Another Godhead; Domenic Stansberry Hears 'The Big Boom': Dante Mancuso's Return. Franz Wright Breaks 'God's Silence': "Literature Will Lose": A 2006 Conversation with Franz Wright and Kathryn Petrucelli.
04/10/06-04/16/06 Peter Orner Arrives With 'The Second Coming of Mavala Shikongo': Grains of Sand Like Stars. Terror! Shock! Horror! Stocks!: American Investor's Genre Fiction Debut; Liz Williams' 'The Demon and the City': Heavenly Hell. John Picacio Tells His 'Cover Story': x * 1,000. Harvey Pekar Experiences 'Ego & Hubris': The Michael Malice Story. Edward Said 'On Late Style': Better Late Than Ever; A 2003 Conversation With Gregory Maguire: "There's Magic Still Afoot"
04/03/06-04/09/06 Alex Berenson Unmasks 'The Faithful Spy': Worst-Case-Scenarios R US. Alison Bechdel's 'Fun Home': American Memoirs. Vernor Vinge Reaches 'Rainbow's End': Before the Zones of Thought. Daniel Abraham Is Under 'A Shadow in Summer': The Long Price of the City. David Sirota's 'Hostile Takeover': Pericalypse Now; A 2006 Conversation With Verlyn Klinkenborg: Timothy Speaks.
03/27/06-04/02/06 Shari Goldhagen Encounters 'Family and Other Accidents': Big Brother Is Watching. Jeffrey Ford 'The Empire of Ice Cream': Kingdom of the Mind. Chris Roberson Treks to 'Paragaea': Welcome to the Singularity Spectaculum. Gregory Keyes' 'The Blood Knight': Thorn, Bone and Details. Karen Armstrong Undergoes 'The Great Transformation': 'The Beginning of Religious Traditions'; A 2006 Conversation With Christopher Moore: "The world is so twisted that my stuff looks normal".
03/20/06-03/26/06 Caitlin Kiernan's Dancy Flammarion is 'Alabaster': Sub Press Collects 'Em All. Jonathan Kellerman and Lisa Gardner Are Both 'Gone': The Presence of Absence. L. Timmel Duchamp, Always the 'Renegade': Yesterday's Dystopias Are Today's Headlines. Amanda Hemingway Draws 'The Sword of Straw': The Clockwork Trilogy. Cynthia Carr's 'Our Town': It Could Have Happened Anywhere; A Conversation With Joshua Spanogle: Writing as Isolation.
03/13/06-03/19/06 Join Steve Cash and the 'Time Dancers': Book Two of the Meq. Robert Blair Kaiser Finds 'A Church in Search of Itself: Benedict XVI and the Battle for the Future'. Theodora Goss Is To Be Found 'In the Forest of Forgetting': There, She Will Mesmerize You. Neal Asher's 'The Engineer Reconditioned': Twenty Bucks Indeed! Terry Pratchett's Discworld X12 from Hill House: Affordable Luxuries; Kim Stanley Robinson Interview Part 2: Warmer Still.
03/06/06-03/12/06 Colson Whitehead Knows That 'Apex hides The Hurt': "He came up with names." George Zebrowski's 'Macrolife': Where Have All The Utopias Gone? Christopher Moore is Doing 'A Dirty Job': Death Takes a Pratfall. Bringing Up 'Brainchild': Four Color Slick Sick City. Ray Kurzweil Warns 'The Singularity is Near': Look out! ; Kim Stanley Robinson Podcast: "It is a kind of a bad science fiction scenario that we live in right now."
02/27/06-03/05/06 'The Fix' from TTA and 'Shuteye for the Timebroker' by Paul Di Filippo: Short Fiction Short-Circuits The Publishing Giants. Harry Bruinius is 'Better for All the World': History As Dystopian SF. Patricia A. McKillip Explores 'Solstice Wood': New Worlds, New Artists and Reverse Infections. Christopher Golden and James A. Moore Welcome You to 'Bloodstained Oz': A Personal Horror Comes Home to Roost. Paperback Series Rows: Collect 'Em All! "Who We Are": A Conversation With Julian Barnes.
02/20/06-02/26/06 Joe R. Landsale's 'Lords of the Razor': Casual, Razor Blade Fridays. Tony Ballantyne Explores the Need for 'Capacity': Welcome to Your Digital Life. Damien Broderick Unleashes the 'K-Machines': Cosmic Conspiracies and Earthly Delights. Joshua Spanogle Enters 'The Isolation Ward': Can You Hard Boil A Medical Thriller? My Life in the Bush of Books Part 17: The Divided Ground' by Alan Taylor. Gruesome Quadruple Homicide : A Conversation with Charlie Huston.
02/13/06-02/19/06 Joe R. Lansdale Starring As Editor of RETRO PULP TALES: Hot Monster Alien Gun Hero Action!!!!! Brian Lumley's Necroscope ™: Subterranean Press Gets It Right. David Mitchell's 'Black Swan Green': The Memory Fabulists. Simon R. Green is 'Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth': Keeping Up With the Nightside. Max Yergan: Race Man, Internationalist, Cold Warrior: David Anthony III Traces Early 20th Century Black History; Talking Trash: A Conversation with Heather Rogers.
02/06/06-02/12/06 Sean Williams' 'The Crooked Letter' & Williams-Dix 'Geodesica: Descent': Booking the Cataclysm. Fallout Shelters: Jay McInerney's 'The Good Life' and Brian Shawver's 'Aftermath'. Mark Z. Danielewski's 'The Fifty Year Sword': The Thing Itself. Vernor Vinge Re-Visits Tatja Grimm's World: Berkley to Baen To Tor. Liz Williams Visits 'Darkland': SF Gothic; The Chemistry of Fear: A Conversation With Leslie Ellen Jones.
01/30/06-02/05/06 Verlyn Klinkenborg's 'Timothy; or Notes of Abject Reptile': Is THIS a Sensation or What? Welcome to 'Monster Island' by David Wellington: From the Internet to Your Bookstore. William Browning Spencer's 'The Ocean and All It's Devices': The Short Story and All Its Devotees. Max Barry at Work for the 'Company': Close Enough For 'Jennifer Government' Specs. Bruce Sterling is the 'Visionary in Residence': New Twists of the Mind; A Conversation with Bill McKibben: Science Fiction, The Future and Global Warming.
01/22/06-01/29/06 Desk Jockeys of the Apocalypse: Science Fiction on NPR. Christopher Golden Captures 'The Myth Hunters': One Step Over the Line. Here Today, A Print Interview With Heather Rogers: 'Gone Tomorrow: The Hidden Life of Garbage'. Andrea Hairston 'Mindscape' & Kenneth Mark Hoover 'Fevreblau': Small Press SF Lives. Reader Purchase Alert: Mark Z. Danielewski 'The Fifty Year Sword'. Larry Niven Visits 'The Draco Tavern': SF's Barroom Brawl Breaks Out. Podcast Update, An Interview With Daniel H. Wilson: "Unfortunately for the hammer, it doesn't look like a cute little baby harp seal." ; Tahir Shah Spends 'A Year in Casablanca: The Caliph's House': Jinns, Goats and Gangsters.
01/16/06-01/22/06 Albert Sánchez Pinol Gets 'Cold Skin': But Hot Blood Keeps Them Coming Back For MORE! Tim Lebbon Ushers in 'Dusk': Under the Masque. Dan Simmons' 'Song of Kali': Twenty Years On. Weird Tales #338 and Fantasy #1: Lay Flat, Scare the Getting-To-Know-One-Anothers Away. A Conversation with Tim Pratt: Keeping Santa Cruz Weird.
01/09/06-01/15/06 Working Late: Agony Column Podcast Featured in iTunes New and Notable. Charles de Lint Walks 'Widdershins': Welcome to Friday the Thirteenth. Christine Wicker is 'Not In Kansas Anymore': Magic Transforms America; With a Y: Charlie Huston Responds. Mike Resnick's 'Starship Mutiny': The Bounty of Birthright. Mary Frances Zambreno Sees 'Invisible Pleasures': Confessions of a Goldfish Killer. Benjamin Schutz Commands 'Mary, Mary Shut the Door': A Five Star Selection of Stories.
01/02/06-01/08/06 Julian & Dan & 'Arthur & George': Watching the Detectives. Tor Puts Readers Back 'In the Garden of Iden': Kage Baker's First Novel Re-Released. Koji Suzuki Gets Into a 'Loop': J-Horror or Just SF? TAC Podcast: Catch the Trailing Edge of Technology. Charlie Huston is 'Already Dead': New Noir Bites Back. From 'Future Shock' to 'Futureshocks': Roc's (and my) Pyrrhic Victory