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12/31/07–01/05/08 Sara Varon Has 'Robot Dreams' : A Day, A Year at the Beach; Agony Column Podcast News Report : A Conversation With Jeremy Lassen : Best Books of 2007, Part 2. Simon R. Green Writes 'The Unnatural Inquirer' : Hardcover At Last! ; Agony Column Podcast News Report : A Conversation With Jeremy Lassen : Best Books of 2007. A 2007 Interview With Charles Stross, Part 2: A Dolphin for President. A 2007 Interview With Charles Stross, Part 1: "Walking through a Hollywood movie".
12/24/07–12/30/07 Daniel H. Wilson Ph.D. Wants YOU to Know 'How to Build a Robot Army' : Some Assembly Required ; Agony Column Podcast News Report : Isabel Allendé Remixed : Burying Freedom. 'Out of Picture Volume 1' : No Words Can Express ; Agony Column Podcast News Report : A Conversation With Lou Anders, Editor of Pyr Books : "The Future is happening faster and faster all the time". Agony Column Podcast News Report : A Review of 'Halting State' by Charles Stross : Does It Always Have to Be All About You? A 2007 Conversation With Eddie Fung and Judy Yung : 'The Adventures of Eddie Fung: Chinatown Kid, Texas Cowboy, Prisoner of War'. A 2007 Interview With Reverend Sharon Delgado : Shaking the Gates of Hell.
12/17/07–12/23/07 Agony Column Podcast News Report : A Conversation With Greg Ketter, Owner of DreamHaven Books : Extended Shelf Life. Agony Column Podcast News Report : A Conversation With Tim Holman, Editor of Orbit Books : Equalizing SF&F. Arthur C. Clarke & Stephen Baxter Are 'Firstborn' : Damnable Monoliths and Cosmic Cockroaches ; Agony Column Podcast News Report : A Christmas Conversation With Jeremy Lassen : A Codex Seriphianus Holiday. S. M. Stirling Has a Date 'In the Courts of the Crimson King' : Next Stop, Barsoom ; Agony Column Podcast News Report: A 2007 Interview with Ann Vileisis : Bringing Stories Back to the Kitchen. A 2007 Interview with Frank Delaney : "I have never much liked reality".
12/10/07–12/16/07 Rupert Christiansen Relates 'The Complete Book of Aunts' : Everything You Need to Aunt ; Agony Column Podcast News Report : Pete Atkins Reads The King of Outer Space. Frank Delaney Visits 'Tipperary' : Irish Epic ; Agony Column Podcast News Report : A Conversation With Rusty Morrison : Greeting the Omnidawn. Tim Powers and James Blaylock Shine a 'Pilot Light' on William Ashbless : HAVE YOU SEEN THIS MAN? ; Agony Column Podcast News Report : A Conversation With Felix Gilman : Thunderer and Dickens. Lewis Hyde Offers 'The Gift' : Threads and Themes ; Agony Column Podcast News Report : NPR Story Author Writes First Book in New Language : Xiaolu Guo Film News. A 2007 Interview With Bettina Aptheker and Megan Seely : The Personal and the Political ; NPR Report on Xiaolu Guo : First Book, New Language
12/03/07–12/09/07 Ann Vileisis Looks for 'Kitchen Literacy' : 'How We Lost Knowledge of Where Food Comes from and Why We Need to Get It Back' ; Agony Column Podcast News : A Conversation With Jeremy Lassen of Nightshade Books : E-Books & Free Books. Frank Herbert's 'The White Plague' and 'Hellstrom's Hive' : Keeping the Classics in Print ; Agony Column Podcast News : Kathryn Petruccelli Interviews Bill Minor : Trek: Lips, Sunny, Pecker & Me. 'Thunderer' by Felix Gilman : Stranger Streets Than Those We Know ; Agony Column Podcast News Report : Dana Mackenzie 'The Big Splat' : The Moon Sees Me. Thomas M. Disch Embarks on 'The Voyage of the Proteus' : 'An Eyewitness Account of the End of the World' Reviewed ; Agony Column Podcast News Report : NPR Weekend Edition Sunday Report: Artificial Intelligence Enters Brave New World. Michael Krasny is 'Off Mike' : A 2007 Interview With Michael Krasny and Review of 'Off Mike: A Memoir of Talk Radio and Literary Life'.
11/26/07–12/02/07 'Now You're One of Us' : Asa Nonami Joins the Family ; Agony Column Podcast News Report : Craig Graham, Vagabond Books : On the Road to Perdition. Juliet Marillier Reveals 'Cybele's Secret' : Very Well Traveled ; Agony Column Podcast News Report : Molly Gloss, Karen Joy Fowler and Terry Bisson : SF in SF Discussion, November 17, 2007. Steven M. Thomas Lives in 'Criminal Paradise' : Home-Town Fiction ; Agony Column Podcast News Report : Karen Joy Fowler Interviewed at SF in SF : Ambiguity is a Tool, Not a Mistake. 'Tales of Pain and Wonder' by Caitlin R. Kiernan : If At First You Succeed, Do So Again ; Agony Column Podcast News Report : Karen Joy Fowler Reads at SF in SF : "The Last Worders". A 2007 Interview With Andrew Szasz : "You're not getting the kind of protection that you think you're getting".
11/19/07–11/25/07 'Haggopian and Other Stories' by Brian Lumley : Forty Years of Mythos ; Agony Column Podcast News Report : A Conversation with Bookseller Maryelizabeth Hart : "No, it's not paranormal romance!" 'Elric: The Stealer of Souls' by Michael Moorcock : A Young Man's Primer for Survival in an Unfriendly World ; Agony Column Podcast News Report : A Conversation With Jeremy Lassen of Night Shade Books : Taking on NY. Michael Flynn Visits 'Eifelheim' : Cost-Per-Page Calculations : Agony Column Podcast News Report : A Conversation with Molly Gloss from SF in SF : Strange Lights in the Sky. 'The Complete Poetry and Essential Prose of John Milton' : A Book Brick Foundation ; Agony Column Podcast News Report : Molly Gloss Reading at SF in SF : "Lambing Season" Tom Brokaw at the Rio Theater : 'Boom!'
11/12/07–11/18/07 A Review of Erika Mailman's 'The Witch's Trinity' : Horror and History ; Agony Column Podcast News Report : A Phone Interview with Andrew Szasz : 'Shopping Our Way to Safety: How We Changed from Protecting the Environment to Protecting Ourselves'. Ralph Angel, 'Exceptions and Melancholies', Alta Ifland 'Voice of Ice' : Poetry Santa Cruz at the Capitola Book Café ; Agony Column Podcast News Report : A Conversation with Ralph Angel and Alta Ifland : Reaching Inward. Donald A. Norman Foresees 'The Design of Future Things' : Everyday, Now and Forever ; Agony Column Podcast News Report : A Conversation With Bookseller Elaine Petrocelli of Book Passage : Writers Aplenty, Events Galore. Kage Baker Buckles Up to Swash Again : 'Or Else My Lady Keeps the Key' ; Agony Column Podcast News Report : Live from Shakespeare Santa Cruz The Princess and the Pea "Pea Chair Tour" at Capitola Book Café : Creating a New Generation of Readers. A 2007 Interview with Tom Brokaw : "It troubles me..."
11/05/07–11/11/07 'The Adventures of Amir Hamza' : Time, Money and Scholarly Fantasy ; Agony Column Podcast News Report : A Conversation with Ed Thomas, Owner of Book Carnival : Hanging Out With Dean R. Koontz. Tom Brokaw's 'Boom! Voices of the Sixties' : History Speaks ; Agony Column Podcast News Report : A Phone Interview with Tom Brokaw : Long-Haired Hippies Vs Ronald Reagan in Santa Cruz. Kage Baker Attends to 'Rude Mechanicals' : Subterranean Press, JK Potter and Heavenly Perfection ; Agony Column Podcast News Report : Ann Aurelia Lopez Undertakes 'The Farmworker's Journey' : Policy and Humanity. Mister Kim Newman Peeks Through 'The Secret Files of the Diogenes Club' : A Big Kettle of Fish ; Agony Column Podcast News Report : A 2007 Interview with Eduardo Machado and Michael Domitrovich : Ghosts of Characters Past. A 2007 Interview With Erika Mailman : "When to use torture, how to use torture..."
10/29/07–11/04/07 Tezuka & Satrapi Graphic Novels : "Public understanding must be gained on biological weapons"­"Or, they would be executed" ; Agony Column Podcast News Report : A Conversation With Jeff Ayers, Manager of Forbidden Planet, NY : Monster of the Id. Michael Jasper 'The Wannoshay Cycle' : For Your Own Protection ; Agony Column Podcast News Report : Talking Food With Mollie Katzen : Call Any Vegetable. The Senses of 'The Surgeon's Tale' : Jeff VanderMeer, Cat Rambo, M. F. Korn and D. F. Lewis Preserve the Imagination ; Agony Column Podcast News Report : Janet and Chris Atwood Take 'The Passion Test' : Make a List, Check it Monthly. Molly Katzen Offers 'The Vegetable Dishes I Can't Live Without' : Gracias for the Gratin ; Agony Column Podcast News Report : Kage Baker Reads at SF in SF : Welcome to Sutro Park. SF in SF Podcast : A Panel Discussion With Kage Baker and Eliot Fintushel Moderated by Terry Bisson.
10/22/07–10/29/07 Catherynne M. Valente Unfolds 'The Orphan's Tales' : 'In the Night Garden', 'In the Cities of Coin and Spice' ; Agony Column Podcast News Report : 'Tastes Like Cuba' : Eduardo Machado's Memoir with Recipes and Michael Domitrovich. The Twilight Limited : The Rolling Darkness Revue 2007 ; Agony Column Podcast News Report : Eliot Fintushel Reads "How the Little Rabbi Grew" at SF in SF. Michael Swanwick 'The Dragons of Babel', John Meaney 'Bone Song' and Richard Morgan 'The Steel Remains' : Cyber-Steampunk Fantasies of Your Future ; Agony Column Podcast News Report : Jamais Cascio at Singularity Summit : "Science Fiction is a really nice way of uncovering the tacit desires for tomorrow...." A Review of 'Halting State' by Charles Stross : Second Chances ; Agony Column Podcast News ; Eliot Fintushel at SF in SF : The Mime Speaks. A 2007 Interview With Steve Almond : "The path to the truth runs through shame".
10/15/07–10/22/07 Mario Guslandi Reviews 'The Best of Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet' : "..a feast.." : Agony Column Podcast News Report : A 2007 Conversation With Ann Packer : Everyday Horrors. 'Portraits and Observations: The Essays of Truman Capote' : 42 Kinds of Class; Agony Column Podcast News Report : NPR Report on Austin Grossman : "Unconventional Education Fuels Author's First Novel". A Review of 'In War Times' by Kathleen Ann Goonan : For All Time ; Agony Column Podcast News Report: A Conversation With Scott Hamman and Tammie Stallings of Handee Books : Internet Only, Actually Real. Bob Rickard and John Mitchell 'The Rough Guide to the Unexplained' : Second Edition Strange ; Agony Column Podcast News Report : Live at the Capitola Book Café With Andrew Kimbrell : "A fundamentally ethical crisis". A 2007 Interview with Andrew Kimbrell : "Drought resistant plants, plants that taste better, plants that reduce fat...Complete. Science. Fiction." ; NPR Report on Austin Grossman : "Unconventional Education Fuels Author's First Novel"
10/08/07–10/15/07 Joyelle McSweeney 'Flet' From Fence : Poetry to/as Science Fiction ; Agony Column Podcast News : A Conversation With Gail Tsukiyama : On 'The Street of a Thousand Blossoms'. Andrew Kimbrell and 'Your Right to Know' : You're the Guinea Pig ; Agony Column Podcast News : Matthew Hughes Collaborates With Payseur & Schmidt on 'The Farouche Assemblage' : Chapbook Deluxe ; Agony Column Podcast News Report : A Conversation with Dr. Rodney Brooks at Singularity Summit : "The last fifty years of artificial intelligence research has been very fruitful". A Review of '(Not That You Asked)' By Steve Almond : Tool-Using Hairless Apes on Parade. Agony Column Podcast News : An Audio Review of Whitley Strieber's '2012: The War for Souls' : I Feel Fine. A 2007 Interview With Michael Harvey : "Everything becomes fodder for the novel".
10/01/07–10/07/07 Agony Column Podcast News : A 2007 Interview with Kathryn Petruccelli and Nikki Giovanni : American Classics. Agony Column Podcast News: A 2007 Interview With Doctor Barney Pell at Singularity Summit 2007 : The High-School Graduate Replacement Robot. Agony Column Podcast News Report : Howard V. Hendrix Reads at SF in SF. A Review of Whitley Strieber '2012: The War for Souls' : Hell on Earth or Hell is Earth? ; Agony Column Podcast News : Scott Sigler Reads from 'Infection' : More SF in SF A 2007 Interview With Kate Christensen : "I have a lot of rage."
09/24/07-09/30/07 Ysra Sigurdardottir Examines 'Last Rituals' : "Burn him! Wait, him?" ; Agony Column Podcast News : James Hughes, At Singularity Summit : Sharia AI. A Review of 'The Great Man' by Kate Christensen : Portrait of the Absence as an Old Man ; Agony Column Podcast News Report : A Conversation With Bookseller Jack Rems : 31 Years of Dark Carnival. H. P. Lovecraft Revises 'The Horror in the Museum' : X-Mart Arkham House ; Agony Column Podcast News : A Conversation With Peg Kingman : 30 Years / 7 Years / 2 1/2 Weeks to 'Not Yet Drown'd'. Whitley Strieber Makes a Date for '2012' & Graham Hancock Gets 'Supernatural' : Two Paths to Human; Agony Column Podcast News : Avoiding Death With Owen Egerton : Scrubbing the Wordscape. The Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Wretch Debate : Tachyon Publications Presents SF in SF.
09/17/07-09/23/07 Sarah Langan Keeps 'The Missing' : Fine American Cheese ; Agony Column Podcast News: Sampling Dark Delicacies with Del Howison : America's Only Horror-Only Bookstore. A Review of Michael Harvey's 'The Chicago Way' : The Simple Life (and Death) ; Agony Column Podcast News : The Women of Mystery Book Club: From Readers to Writers. Alex Bledsoe Sharpens 'The Sword-Edged Blonde' : Hard Boiled Fantasy ; Agony Column Podcast News: A Chat with Charlie Huston: Breaking 'The Shotgun Rule'. A Review of Charlie Huston's 'The Shotgun Rule' : It's A Bloody Fucking Wonderful Life; Agony Column Podcast News: Kathryn Petruccelli Speaks With Belle Yang: Always Come Home to Me. A Report from the Singularity Summit 2007: AI Ain't What It Used to Be.
09/10/07-09/16/07 A Review of 'A Concise Chinese-English Dictionary for Lovers' by Xiaolu Guo : Translating Emotion ; Agony Column Podcast News : 'A Bush and Botox World' : A Conversation With Saul Landau. '(Not That You Asked)', but Steve Almond is Kind of a Smart-Ass : Bad News for Oprah Fans ; Agony Column Podcast News: A Conversation with Ed Kaufman of M for Mystery. Richard Parks Is 'Worshipping Small Gods' : Fourteen Fables ; Agony Column Podcast News : An Audio Book Review of Xiaolu Guo's 'A Concise Chinese-English Dictionary for Lovers. George R. R. Martin's 'Dreamsongs' : No, You're Not Dreaming; Agony Column Podcast News : A Conversation With Paul Saffo at the Singularity Summit: "If you want to see what thirty-somethings are going to be developing at companies when they are senior managers, find out what they read when they were fifteen." From the Singularity Summit 2007: Dr. J. Storrs Hall: IA and AI.
09/03/07-09/09/07 Erika Mailman Lights 'The Witches Trinity' : Backstory ; Agony Column Podcast News : A Conversation With Ruthanne Lum McCunn and Fan Wu : 'February Flowers' and 'God of Luck'. 'Steps Through the Mist' with Zoran Zivkovic : Two Forms of Beauty and a Bargain ; Agony Column Podcast News : Legends in the Making : Talking Books with Michael DeSarno. Walter Moers Enters 'The City of Dreaming Books' : In case You're Not Already There ; Agony Column Podcast News : The Future Then : A Conversation With Kim Stanley Robinson. Jonathan Strahan Brings on 'Eclipse 1' : Thirty-Two Years and Counting ; Agony Column Podcast News : "Almost No Yes's" : A Conversation With Laura Furman, Editor of 'The O. Henry Prize Stories'. A 2007 Interview With Guo Xiaolu : "Self-censorship is profound as a Chinese author, and I don’t think anyone like to admit that."
08/27/07-09/02/07 Preview for Podcast of Monday, September 3, 2007 : "Self-censorship is profound as a Chinese author, and I don’t think anyone like to admit that." A Review of 'Spook Country' by William Gibson : Locating Locative Art ; Agony Column Podcast News : Alan Beatts, Borderlands Books : From Law Enforcement to Litcrawl. Vincent Lam Offers 'Bloodletting & Miraculous Cures' : Be Still, My Beating Heart ; Agony Column Podcast News : Looking Up 'A Concise Chinese-English Dictionary for Lovers', A Short Interview with Xiaolu Guo. 'The Best of Robert E. Howard Volume 1: Crimson Shadows' : Start Them With the Classics ; Pirate Women, Bookshop Santa Cruz and Seana Graham, Contributor to Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet: Agony Column Podcast News. 'Rewired: The Post Cyberpunk Anthology' Edited by James Patrick Kelly & John Kessel : Tachyon Rides Again ; Mario Guslandi Reviews 'Dark Delicacies 2' : Rule Out Monotony ; Agony Column Podcast News: Adrianne Ahern Wants You to 'Snap Out of It NOW'. A 2007 Interview with Kaui Hart Hemmings : The Truth Hurts School of Humor + Review of Hemmings' 'The Descendants'
08/20/07-08/26/07 Preview for Podcast of August 27, 2007: It was too hot to rebel. Harlan Ellison's 'Shatterday' : Start the Weekend Right ; A 2007 Interview With Peter F. Hamilton : Agony Column Podcast News Audio. Agony News Podcast, Mark V. Ziesing, Bookseller. Kealan Patrick Burke's 'Midlisters' : The Niche That Dare Not Speak Its Name. Margo Lanagan Drives In 'Red Spikes' : Your Adult Children. Agony News Podcast, Alan Cheuse at the Capitola Book Café. Launching a New Podcast­Agony Column Audio News: Gavin Grant, Karen Joy Fowler, and Kelly Link on 'Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet'. A 2007 Interview With Alan Cheuse: "It’s a tremendous amount of personal power that we gain when we learn how to read."
08/13/07-08/19/07 Preview for Podcast of August 20, 2007: Why to read. Nathalie Mallet Unlocks 'The Princes of the Golden Cage' : Night Shade Books' First Mass Market Paperback. Ray Bradbury Picks 'The Golden Apples of the Sun' : A Quiet Night in a Normal Neighborhood. Joshua Spanogle Is 'Flawless' : With A Little Help From My Cosmetic Surgeon Friends. Get a Deep Fix of Michael Moorcock : 'The Metatemporal Detective'. A 2007 Interview With William Gibson : "Writing a novel like this is like inviting the zeitgeist in for tea." NPR Report ­ Scott Rosenberg: Debut Book Explores History of Software.
08/06/07-08/12/07 Preview for Podcast of Monday, August 13, 2007 : Not enough future to go around. Sheila Finch Joins 'The Guild of Xenolinguists' : Talking to the Aliens. John Lloyd and Jim Mitchinson 'The Book of General Ignorance' : 'Everything You Think You Know Is Wrong'. Michael Reeves and Steve Perry Chronicle '*Wars: Death Star' : History of Big Ol' Boomstick. A Review of Peter F. Hamilton's 'The Dreaming Void' : Limited Editions and Unlimited Space. A 2007 Interview of Jean Thompson by Kathryn Petruccelli : "She was not at all religious but she did believe in guilt."
07/30/07-08/05/07 Preview for Podcast of Monday, August 6, 2007 : Watch out for falling anvils. Andrew Vachss Brings Back Burke : 'Terminal'. Owen Egerton Advises 'How Best To Avoid Dying' : Laugh. Kage Baker Welcomes 'The Sons of Heaven' : As Do Her Fans. Alan Cheuse Lights 'The Fires' : Think Global, Angst Local. A 2007 Interview With Richard Morgan : "They drink it and piss it up against a wall." ; On-the-Scene Report from a Harry Potter Release Breakfast : Capitola Book (and Kid) Café.
07/23/07-07/29/07 Preview for Podcast of July 30, 2007 : "Wake up and smell the burning flesh." Alan Campbell Visits 'Lye Street' : Pity the Avenging Angel. Brock Clarke Offers 'An Arsonist's Guide to Writers' Homes in New England' : Ooops. Ekaterina Sedia Knows 'The Secret History of Moscow' : Bear, Rat, Vision. A Review of Richard Morgan's 'Black Man' / 'Thirteen' : Prose Conquers All. A 2007 Interview With Faith Popcorn: "I think people should be a lot more worried about what seems to be the obvious projection."
07/16/07-07/22/07 Preview for Podcast of Monday, July 23, 2007 : We have the future. 'Monster!' by Neil Arnold : From the Inner Mind to the Outer Limits. Peter F. Hamilton Wakes 'The Dreaming Void' : One Man's Dream is Another Man's Planetary Romance. Bentley Little Appears With 'The Vanishing' : The Demon You Know. Jason Rodriguez Edits 'Postcards' : ' 'True Stories That Never Happened'. A 2007 Interview With Jeff Prucher : "It's hard to trace the lines of influence because the boundaries are so loose."
07/09/07-07/15/07 Preview for Podcast of Monday, July 16, 2007 : Where no lexicographer has gone before. Scott Sigler Unleashes 'Ancestor' : Re-Inventing the Family Tree. Camille DeAngelis Makes 'Mary Modern' : The Gentle Goth. Eileen Chang Examines 'Lust, Caution' : Decision and Being. Ibrahim S. Amin Unlocks 'The Monster Hunter's Handbook' : HOWTO Kill an Evil Critter. A 2007 Conversation with John Burdett : "The idea of original sin seems sick, morbid, depressing and calculated to cause psychosis in the people who hold to that view."
07/02/07-07/08/07 Preview for Podcast of Monday, July 09, 2007 : Are you doing the right thing? Al Reynolds Stalks the Mean Streets of the Glitter Band with 'The Prefect' : Small Men and Big Ideas. M. John Harrison Does the 'Nova Swing' : One Foot in the Zone. Science Fiction Independent of Books : "My Experience with the CARET Program and Extra-terrestrial Technology" By "Isaac" Paul McAuley Rides with 'Cowboy Angels' : Quitters versus Winners. A 2007 Interview with Austin Grossman : "I wanted to savor how really cool it is to hang out with superheroes"
06/25/07-07/01/07 UPDATE with NPR URL. NPR Report Sunday: Getting Your First Novel Published: Jon Clinch on 'Finn'. Kaui Hart Hemmings Gathers 'The Descendents' : Family Fires. Henghis Hapthorn Enters 'The Spiral Labyrinth' : Scroot for Hire. Kate Christensen's Dueling Biographers : 'The Great Man'. Jeffrey E. Barlough Visits 'Bertram of Butter Cross' : Sundered World, Western Lights. A 2007 Interview with Susanna Moore : "There's something about it that bothers you".
06/18/07-06/24/07 Preview for Podcast of Monday, June 25, 2007. Compelling reading. Harvey Pekar and Heather Roberson Visit 'Macedonia' : What does it take to stop a war? "You humans, however, are practiced executioners." Junot Díaz Explains 'The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao' : Ghetto Nerd At the End of the World. Richard Morgan's 'Th1rte3n' vs. 'Black Man' : Marketing Forces. A Review of Jim Crace's 'The Pesthouse' : Poetry of Starting Anew. MP3 of Vampire Fiction Report for NPR: Post-Mortem. A 2007 Interview with Jim Crace : "That's an optimism which is made from granite."
06/11/07-06/17/07 Preview for Podcast of Monday, June 18, 2007 : Be Prepared. NPR URL For Vampire Lit Now Accessible. Vampire Fiction on Weekend All Things Considered: Harris, Huston, Marks, Moore. 'Interfictions' Edited by Theodora Goss & Delia Sherman : An Anthology of Interstitial Writings. A Review of John Burdett's 'Bangkok Haunts' : Ghost World ; Jesse Ball Listens to 'Samedi the Deafness' : Remembering Lies Perfectly. Michael A. Stackpole Explores 'The New World' : Summertime, and the Reading is Easy ; A Review of Tony Ballantyne's 'Divergence' : Where Saints No Longer Tread. Jeff Prucher Discovers 'Brave New Words' : The Oxford Science Fiction Dictionary ; A Review of 'Capacity' by Tony Ballantyne : Saints and Patience. A 2007 Interview of Helen Simpson by Kathryn Petruccelli : "Farce, it's just tragedy speeded up".
06/04/07-06/10/07 Preview for Podcast of Monday, June 11, 2007: Speed of Life ; A Review of 'All Together Dead' by Charlaine Harris : Dissonant Delights. A Review of Jeremy C. Shipp's 'Vacation' : What a Long, Bad Trip It’s Been. Gary Gibson is 'Stealing Light' : Machine Head ; A Review of John Marks 'Fangland' : A Rusty Bucket. A Review of 'Soon I Will Be Invincible' by Austin Grossman : Soon I Shall Remember the Title Correctly ; Raw Dog Screaming Press Wants to Alter Your Mind : Reading is the Drug. A 2007 Interview with John Scalzi plus a review of 'The Last Colony'.
05/28/07-06/03/07 Preview for Podcast of Monday, June 4, 2007: "I blow stuff up real good." John Burdett Troubles 'Bangkok Haunts' : Spirits of the Ages ; Mario Guslandi Reviews Richard Gavin's Excellent 'Omens' : Disquieting Dark Fiction. A Review of 'Send: The Essential Guide to Email for Office and Home' by David Shipley and Will Schwalbe : Common Sense and Uncommon Clarity. Austin Grossman Promises 'Soon I Will Be Invincible' : Taking Your Superheroes Seriously (Funny). A Review of 'Where's My Jetpack?' by Daniel H. Wilson Ph.D. : Demand Your Future Now. A 2007 Interview With Daniel Wilson : "A lot of these technologies seem like magic."
05/21/07-05/27/07 Preview for Podcast of Monday, May 28, 2007. "Fail to scale." Rebecca Stott Takes a 'Ghostwalk' : Getting Ahead in 17th Century Cambridge. Christopher Golden and Mike Mignola Visit 'Baltimore' : Collaboration and Conquest. A Review of 'The Big Girls' by Susanna Moore: A Woman's Rant. Tony Ballantyne Achieves 'Divergence' : Saint Augustine and Science Fiction. A 2007 Interview with Charlaine Harris : "Let's give 'em vampires"
05/14/07-05/20/07 Preview for Podcast of Monday, May 21, 2007: Death and taxes. Steve Aylett Asks: 'And Your Point Is?' : Read Aloud, Drive Away. Laura Dietz 'In the Tenth House' : Dishonesty As Science and the Science of Dishonesty. Christian Jungersen Finds 'The Exception' : Think the Unthinkable. 'Fangland' Updated: A Swank Adaptation? Alastair Reynolds' 'Galactic North': Colophonic Update: Reader reminds Me of nit to pick. Alastair Reynolds' 'Galactic North' : Revelation Spaces. A 2007 Interview With John Marks : "Satirizing a world that is satirizing itself every single day is a very difficult prospect."
05/07/07-05/13/07 Preview for Podcast of Monday, May 14, 2007: "The murder, the atrocity, the barbarity of the race being dug up out of the ground." Charlaine Harris Proves Vampire Fiction Is Not 'All Together Dead' : Frightening Thoughts for a Friday. Brian Francis Slattery Gets 'Spaceman Blues' : Let Me Tell You About the Future. A Review of 'Rant' by Chuck Palahniuk : Looping Literature. Jim Crace Enters 'The Pesthouse' : Trust in the End. A 2007 Interview With Chuck Palahniuk : "Show it that you are not its bitch."
04/30/07-05/06/07 Preview for Podcast of Monday, May 7, 2007: Life's a . A Review of Jonathan Lethem's 'You Don’t Love Me Yet' : Hit Single. First Second Finishes First : Joann Sfar & Emmanuel Guibert, Eddie Campbell & Gipi Face the Music. John Klima's 'Logorrhea' and Dozois / Dann's 'Wizards' : Original Anthologies, Amazing Authors. Justin Evans Joins 'A Good and Happy Child' : With Friends Like These. A 2007 Interview with David Shipley and Will Schwalbe : Reply Without Regret.
04/23/07-04/29/07 Preview for Podcast of Monday, April 30, 2007: Don't push the SEND button. Mea Culpa, I Was Wrong : No More Slabs With Abs, A Fabio Fatwa. UPDATED with reader responses. John Scalzi Founds 'The Last Colony' : Snark in Space. 'Best American Fantasy' Edited by Ann & Jeff VanDerMeer, Series Editor Matt Cheney and 'Year's Best Fantasy 7' Edited by David G. Hartwell & Kathryn Cramer : Whole Wide Worlds. Elizabeth Bear Catches the 'Undertow' : Science Fiction is the New Weird. A 2007 Interview With Jonathan Lethem : "You have to be a fake before you can be real".
04/16/07-04/22/07 04-21-07: Preview for Podcast of Monday, April 23, 2007: "You have to be a fake before you can be real.". Jon Courtenay Grimwood's '9Tail Fox' and Liz Williams 'Precious Dragon': Nightshade Brings Home The Dead. Michael Marshall Smith Returns With 'The Servants' : "No-one happened to be watching". Richard Preston Moves Into 'The Wild Trees' : From 'The Hot Zone' to the High Zone. Liza Mundy Knows 'Everything Conceivable' : The Other AI. A 2007 Interview With Scott Rosenberg : "It Was a Big Train Wreck".
04/09/07-04/15/07 David Shipley and Will Schwalbe Suggest You Don't Simply Press 'Send' : The Essential Guide to Email for the Office and Home Lorenzo Carcaterra Follows 'Apaches' With 'Chasers' : Blood, Grit and Fermented Body Parts. A Review of 'The Ghost Brigades' by John Scalzi : Shoot an Alien, Shed a Tear. Chaz Brenchley Maps the 'River of the World' : Wish Granted. Brian Lumley Opens 'The House of Cthulhu' to Find 'A Coven of Vampires' : Don't f'tagn to Buy; Platonic Apocalypse : A Review of John Shirley's The Other End'. A 2007 Interview With John Shirley : "It's Dangerous To Be Aware".
04/02/07-04/08/07 Robert J. Sawyer's 'Rollback' , Christopher Buckley's 'Boomsday': Same Price, Different Age. John Shirley Dwells In 'Living Shadows' : Stories: New and Preowned. Here, There and Anywhere : Allen Steele, Tobias S. Bucknell and Kristin Landon Observe Today in Tomorrow. Enrique de Hériz Tells 'Lies' : Tell me A Story. A 2007 Interview with Jon Clinch : "It's Like Building a House Out of Raisins".
03/26/07-04/01/07 Preview for Podcast of Monday, April 2, 2007: Raisins d'etre. Randall Silvis 'In a Town Called Mundomuerto' : Don't Stop Me If You've Heard This Before. Kim Deitch 'Shadowland' and Stephen King's 'The Secretary of Dreams' : Anxiety, Illustrated. David Anthony Durham and Patrick Rothfuss Are Heavyweights : Are Giant Fantasies Worth Your Reading Time? Muscle Girls : Justina Robson and Steph Swainston Show Their Strengths. A 2007 Interview With James D. Houston : "This is who we are and this is where we come from" ; A Review of 'Bird of Another Heaven' : Every Family is a Conspiracy.
03/19/07-03/25/07 Preview for Podcast of Monday, March 26, 2007: History and this place. Kelley Eskridge Goes from 'Solitaire' to 'Dangerous Space' : Hazardous to the Touch. James D. Houston's 'Bird of Another Heaven' : Kingdom of Hawaii. Best Served Cold : A Review of 'Finn' by Jon Clinch ; Orson Scott Card Launches 'Space Boy' : Closeted Monsters. Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling Travel 'Coyote Road' : The Indoctrination Trick. "They still have to do their laundry, even if you're sleeping in dirt" : A 2007 Interview with Christopher Moore.
03/12/07-03/18/07 Preview for Podcast of Monday, March 19, 2007. Get ready to go. Lucius Shepard is 'Softspoken' : The Sun Shines Dark On My South Carolina Home. Christopher Golden Joins 'The Borderkind' : Book Two of The Veil. Donal O'Shea Delivers 'The Poincaré Conjecture' : A Rubber Band Holding An Apple. Cherie Priest Peels Back 'Dreadful Skin' : Unhappy Trails; A Review of Christopher Moore's 'You Suck' : Something-Sucking Fiends. A 2007 Interview with Jenn Ramage and Vendela Vida : Drinking Reindeer Blood.
03/05/07-03/11/07 A Review of The Host for NPR's Weekend All Things Considered : Reverse Engineering. Delicacies and Collections from Presses Small and Large : Bruce Sterling, Peter S. Beagle and Henry Kuttner ; Everybody's Joiking : A Preview of The Agony Column Podcast for Monday, March 12, 2007. Kim Deitch Tracks Down 'Alias The Cat' : Bent Minds Think Alike. David Corbett's 'Blood of Paradise' : From Sophocles to El Salvador. Jonathan Lethem Suspects 'You Don't Love Me Yet' : The Force of Farce. A 2007 Interview with China Miéville and a Review of 'Un Lun Dun': Beneath the Abcity.
02/26/07-03/04/07 The Consequences of Fantasy: Preview for Podcast of Monday, March 5, 2007. Doctor Daniel H. Wilson Wants to Know 'Where's My Jetpack?' : A Guide to the Amazing Science Fiction Future That Never Arrived. R. N. Morris Wields 'A Gentle Axe' : "I could have been Raskolnikov, but Mother Nature Ripped Me Off" Ted Chiang Joins 'The Merchant and the Alchemist's Gate' : Parables and Possibilities ; Heart Via Fangs : A Review of Christopher Moore's 'Bloodsucking Fiends'. "The Power of the Edit Is a Mighty, Mighty Thing" : A Preview of 'Brasyl' by Ian McDonald + Bonus Podcast interview. "Interesting things happening to interesting people" : A 2007 Interview With Guy Gavriel Kay.
02/19/07-02/25/07 A Conqueror's Fantasy: Preview For Podcast of Monday February 26, 2007. Giving Hal Duncan Some More 'Ink' : Writing, Un-Writing and Rewiring; Big Thoughts in a Small Book ; A Review of 'Catching the Big Fish' by David Lynch. John Scalzi Unlocks 'The Sagan Diary' : What Girls Think ; Caught Human : A Review of Charlie Huston's 'Caught Stealing'. Savor the Moments : A Review of 'Ysabel' by Guy Gavriel Kay. Where The Dust Settles: A 2007 Interview with Ann Cummins by Kathryn Petruccelli.
02/12/07-02/18/07 .Where The Dust Settles: Preview for Podcast of Monday, February 19, 2007. Dave Duncan Enlists 'The Alchemist's Apprentice' : Skullduggery Not Smugduggery ; Hot, Hotter Hottest : A Review of Kim Stanley Robinson's 'Sixty Days and Counting'. Jay Lake Turns the 'Mainspring' : A Clockwork Universe ; A Review of 'Mathematicians in Love' By Rudy Rucker : The Best of All Possible Worlds. Love is in the Air: A Review of 'No Dominion' by Charlie Huston ; David Drake Lights 'Balefires' : Tales of the Weird and Fantastic. Why Johnny Reads : 'The Annotated Cat : Under the Hats of Seuss and His Cats' by Doctor Seuss, Annotated by Philip Nel; Familiarly Dismissed : A Review of 'Eragon' Christopher Paolini. Days of Present Passed : A Review of 'Overclocked' by Cory Doctorow. A 2007 Interview With Cory Doctorow : The Book Is 'Overclocked', The Man Is Overbooked.
02/05/07-02/11/07 The Return of 'Nada' by Carmen Laforet : Doomed to Repeat. Cold Comfort from Subterranean Press: A Review of 'Reassuring Tales' by T. E. D. Klein. Grand American Adventure : A Review of 'The Terror' by Dan Simmons ; The Art of Horror : A Review of 'Dark Arts' edited by John Pelan by Mario Guslandi ; Seeing 'Blindsight' by Peter Watts : Open Your Eyes. A Review of 'Thirteen Moons' by Charles Frazier : Beginning and Ending The Journey; The Color Green : Looking at Cover Art Trend-Zen. "There's a novel in here" : A 2007 Interview With Dan Simmons.
01/29/07-02/04/07 Michael Marshall's 'The Intruders' : Nightmare Killers. Preview for Podcast Monday, February 5, 2007 : A Chilling Terror. Minister Faust Reads 'From the Notebooks Of Dr. Brain' : Men of Steel, Women of Iron. John Marks Visits 'Fangland' : Horror Takes Another Literary Victim. Adam Roberts 'Gradisil' : Social Space Opera ; Anarchy in the UK : A Review of Alfonso Cuarón's Children of Men. "Room to Dream" : A 2007 Interview With David Lynch.
01/22/07-01/28/07 Weekend All Things Considered to Run On the Wings of Dragons Saturday, January 27, 2007. Preview for Podcast Monday, January 29, 2007: Follow the Leader. 'The Fair Folk' Edited by Marvin Kaye: Hover in the Fog and Filthy Air. Kim Stanley Robinson Has 'Sixty Days and Counting' : The Future Now. Kay Kenyon Sees the 'Bright of the Sky' : Multiversal Appeal. Richard Ford's 'The Lay of the Land': An In-Depth Review. Jenny Offill and Elissa Schappell Know that 'Money Changes Everything' : America Out of Balance. Eye-Biting, Funny or Horrific? : A 2007 Interview With Charlie Huston.
01/15/07-01/21/07 Juliet Marillier's 'Wildwood Dancing': Sidestepping Into Reality. Susan Palwick Contemplates 'The Fate of Mice' : Twenty Years On. The Bitter End and Better Fiction: Millipede Press Reprints David Goodis. Clark Ashton Smith at 'The End of the Story' : Beginning at the Beginning; EconGenre: Podcast High-Quality Version of NPR Economic Genre Fiction Report. "That's the gnarly zone" : A 2007 Interview With Rudy Rucker.
01/08/07-01/14/07 Fantasy & Science Fiction Double Header : Fantastic Months. Carol Emshwiller Unveils 'The Secret City' : Naturally Unnatural. Dan Simmons Explores 'The Terror' : Historical Horror. Scott Rosenberg is 'Dreaming in Code' : Searching for Chandler. History As An Alien World : A 2006 Interview With Charles Frazier
01/01/07-01/07/07 The Dismal Science Fiction: An NPR Weekend Edition Sunday Report. Octavia E. Butler's 'Fledgling' : Taking Flight. Caitlin R. Kiernan, 'Daughter of Hounds' : Post-Millennial Mythos. Wendy Lesser Leaves 'Room For Doubt' : We Are Not What We Do Not Do. We've Got Five Years: An Interview With Christopher Paolini.