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Clive Barker's Shadows in Eden

Edited by Stephen Jones

Underwood Miller Publishing

US Hardcover First

ISBN 0-88733-073-8

468 pages; $39.95

Review Date: 02-18-1992

Reviewed by Rick Kleffel © 2002



Horror, Non-Fiction

04-15-02, 07-15-02, 10-08-02, 12-31-02, 03-26-03

Many writers have been hailed as "The Next Stephen King"; how many, is lost in a sea of torn-off paperback book covers. But no recent writer has been the subject of more hype, popularity, and well-deserved recognition than Clive Barker. His numerous fans should not just be pleased, they should be ecstatic over the release of Underwood/Miller's "Clive Barker's Shadows in Eden". It's not new fiction, and it's not strictly speaking, a biography, but a fabulous assemblage of drawings, sketches, speeches, intros by for and about Clive Barker. It's everything you could possibly want, and more, put together in as classy a package as you could possibly imagine.

The text in this book includes a number of speeches and introductions written by Clive Barker for magazines and anthologies, as well as a number of speeches, introductions and intros about Clive Barker for magazines and anthologies. Editor Stephen Jones has done an incredibly and admirably exhaustive job unearthing every interesting word written by or about Our Hero since and before his emergence into the Big-Big Time. He's arranged it into easily digestible and well-organized sections that are enjoyable to read. Editorially, this is an absolutely first-class book that will delight every reader.

But even better is the beautifully busy book design attributed to "Underwood-Miller". Every page is crammed with sketches, drawings, anecdotes, quotes and cartoons by and about Clive Barker. You all probably know that he's an accomplished painter, and some of you probably have the "Books of Blood" with his cover illustrations. But here, in "Shadows of Eden", you'll OD on his sketchbook skill, you'll die and go to quote heaven. It's a virtuoso performance in an arena not even imagined by most folks. About three seconds of perusing will convince anyone interested that "Shadows in Eden" is more than worth the heft admission price.

Clive Barker fans, you know who you are. This is your nirvana. Seek. Buy. Enjoy.